Before, I had my domain hosted on paid hosting for about a year. Later on, I decided to use for hosting. Anyway, I got the domain from for about $8.99 after a coupon discount. For me, is my first choice for a Domain Name Registration. The service is great and as for right now I already have two domain from this site.

Ok, back to the topic at hand. After purchasing the domain and hosted it on paid hosting, I have enable the Google Apps services provided by But because of that, I got an error warning that says *Another blog or Google Site is already using this address when I want to set up the domain on It means that I had to disable or remove the Google Apps first before I can proceed to the next step.

Noted that, when you remove your domain from Google Apps, any information you had created while using Google Apps will be erased. And you will not be able to access any of this information again. So, think carefully before you decided to delete them, make sure that this is what you want...

Here is the steps on how to remove your domain from Google Apps 

1. Login to the Google Apps cPanel: 
2. Click on Domain settings 
3. Click Account information
4. Then click Delete Google Apps for

5. After that, the last final notification will ask you to confirm your action. Then you can check the checkbox and click the button to delete the domain from Google Apps.

Note: You may want to change or delete the unnecessary record in your domain DNS Management panel. 

After this process is done, you can now custom your domain on as usual and later set up your Google Apps again from scratch if you want.

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